Barbary Coast Bull Terrier Club

The Barbary Coast Bull Terrier Club is the regional breed club for the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA. We are an American Kennel Club (AKC) licensed and sanctioned regional club, under our "parent club" the Bull Terrier Club of America (BTCA).

The AKC promotes the purebred dog fancy; breed education; responsible dog ownership and breeding practices; and sound legislation that protects and serves purebred dogs, their owners, and the community. The BTCA provides much the same function specifically for the Bull Terrier, and promotes genetic research leading to improvements in the health and well being of this unique breed.

Whether you are a BCBTC club member, seasoned Bull Terrier owner/enthusiast, or looking at our breed for the first time, you will find something of interest here. Our website offers access to a wealth of information about this wonderful breed and the role our club plays in promoting and supporting it.

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About Bull Terriers

We have a lot to share with first-time Bull Terrier owners and those who want to learn more about this unique breed.

First, some advice: the more research you do into this sometimes difficult breed, the more likely you will be a successful Bull Terrier owner. The following organizations and websites provide an abundant resource of information that you can print or bookmark for future reference. They represent only the minimal amount of research you should do. The more people you can find with whom to discuss this breed and the more reading and research you do, the more advice you will get to help you along your way. Look at all of the pages on our site, and visit all of our links, and you will have gained a great deal of insight about Bull Terriers and the people who own them. Learn all you can; then do what you can to help others.

We recommend that everyone looking for information on Bull Terriers begin with at least these two publications: The New Bull Terrier, John Remer, Jr.; and Buying and Rearing a Bull Terrier, Cynthia Morse.

The "Remer book," as it is commonly referred to, is readily available through book vendors at dog shows, may be special ordered through your local bookstore, or might even be available through your library. The booklet by Cynthia Morse is distributed by the BTCA Welfare Foundation and other BT clubs.

Bull Terrier links

Visit for more about bull terriers.

Club Events

Club Meetings

January, March, May, July, September, November. Members are encouraged to attend at least one meeting annually. Member input is vital to planning and meeting club goals and commitments.

Breed Education

January (Cow Palace). Breed information available for the public; members are asked to help answer questions and take names of people interested in being considered for rescue placement or foster homes.

B/OB Matches (Puppy Match)

Spring and Fall. Both days include a club potluck and family day. All club dogs welcome (bring crates, please). Puppies get early show training at these events.

Specialties & Supported shows

April - Lodi Grape Festival, Lodi, CA. Four (4) days of fun! Five shows, 4 ROM shows: Conformation showing, excellent judges, friends from around the globe, banquet, lunch and raffles.

Awards Banquet

Spring. Certificates are presented to club dogs finishing Champion, Grand Champion*, ROM, CGC, or other titles in the preceding year.

Carnival & Family fun day

Summer. Prizes for the best costumed Bully, organized games and contests for the Bullies, and a potluck for their humans.

The Barking Lot

Club newsletter. E-mailed to members in good standing. It contains articles on health, legislation, rescue activities, on-line resources, humorous Bully stories, and more.

Upcoming shows

April Specialty | Sacramento Kennel Club | Lodi, CA
August Specialty | Santa Barbara Kennel Club | Santa Barbara, CA

Bull Terrier Rescue

Unfortunately, many people obtain their dogs without doing any kind of real research into a breed's characteristics and needs, but choose solely on appearance or popularity. Being the hard-headed, energetic, fun-loving dogs they are, Bull Terriers do not fit well into all households or family situations.

There are people who have had a BT and found out that this breed is not the right one for them, and either contacted a Bull Terrier Rescue organization or turned their BT in at a shelter. Some must be given up due to unforeseen family circumstances (divorce, death, move, etc.).

There are also those unfortunate dogs who have been owned by people who abused them or allowed them to wander to the point that they have been impounded. Regardless of the circumstances, these dogs are in need of new homes and people that will give them the love and attention they deserve.

Rescue organizations make every effort to obtain and assess these less fortunate of our breed, and find suitable homes for those who are likely candidates for family situations. The volunteers who work in Bull Terrier Rescue have a lot of experience in the breed and in placing rescued dogs. Their job is to match dogs and families where a successful relationship seems the most promising, and they are happy to help you decide if Rescue is a good option for your household.

Rescue Contacts:
  • Susi Ming   |       Bull Terrier Rescue Inc. President
  • Shari Mann   |    
  • Gail Harlamoff   |    
  • Melinda Hutchings   |    

News & Announcements

Recent club news, announcements, and other information.
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Upcoming club meeting

The next club meeting will be held on January 28, 2024. Please check your e-mail for details.

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April Specialty

Flyer available for our upcoming April Specialty show in Lodi, CA Click here to view (PDF).

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Upcoming all-breed shows

Sun Maid Kennel Club (Fresno, CA): 2/16/24 - 2/18/24 (closes 1/31/24)
Shasta Kennel Club (Anderson, CA): 3/14/24 - 3/18/24 (closes 2/28/24)
San Mateo Kennel Club (Corning, CA): 3/21/24 - 3/24/24 (closes 3/6/24)
Kern County (Bakersfield, CA): 3/28/24 - 3/31/24 (closes 3/13/24)
NorCal Terrier Assoc. & BCBTC (Lodi, CA): 4/11/24 - 4/14/24 (closes 3/27/24)


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Club Officers:
  • President: Mary Jo Antle   |    
  • Vice President: Jan Dykema   |    
  • Treasurer: Gail Harlamoff   |    
  • Secretary: Tami Shaw   |    

Board of Directors: Jacqueline Decker, Ashlee Boyda, Bob Thomas, Kelli Wilkerson, Sara Pearce. Alt.: Grace Thomas